Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    on bounds of shift variance in multirate filter banks    M.Sc.    PAKBAZ, ADELE    2013-05-19
2    Fast Iris Segmentation for Biometric Identification    M.Sc.    gilasi, mahdi    2013-10-19
3    Blind De-blurirng of Blurred Image Due to Linear Movement of Camera or Object    M.Sc.    jamalzehi moghaddam, farzad    2013-11-09
4    Evaluation and Improving the Performance of Classification Algorithms Based on Sparse Representation    M.Sc.    saffari, seyyed alireza    2013-12-07
5    saliency detection in color image    M.Sc.    Okati, Mojtaba    2014-05-03
6    Identification via Iris Recognition under Unconstrainrd Condition, Visible Lighting and Different Distances    M.Sc.    souzanchi kashani, iman    2014-07-05
7    Sample weighting according to geometrical structure based on sparse representation    M.Sc.    shams, ehsan    2014-09-28
8    Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment of Image    M.Sc.    Mohammadi, Pedram    2014-09-30
9    A Geometry-Preserving Video Compression Approach to Encode Indoor Depth Image Stream    Ph.D    kiani, vahid    2014-10-15
10    Generalization and speeding up of adaptive geometrical wavelets for extreme compression of fingerprint and retina images    Ph.D    Mansouri, Hamid    2014-10-15
11    Survey and improvement of image classification methods based on Bag-of-Words model    M.Sc.    Alavi, Seyed Saeed    2015-01-31
12    Design and Fabrication of Eye Gaze Tracking Goggle    M.Sc.    kazemi, Raziye    2015-04-25
13    facial expression recognition by using spatio temporal features    M.Sc.    ramroodisofla, samaneh    2015-12-19
14    : Evaluation of the Non orthogonal Multiple Access Channel communication benefits compared with orthogonal Multiple Access Channels    M.Sc.    ajami khales fadafen, faramarz    2016-04-09
15    Information Theoretic Analysis of ADC    M.Sc.    akbari zakaria, sahar    2016-04-16
16    Automatic Image Annotation with distributed Non Negative Matrix Factorization    M.Sc.    Barati, Alireza    2016-09-10
17    Investigating the neural correlates of covert speech for Farsi speakers: an EEG based brain connectivity analysis    Ph.D    Bakhshali, Mohamad Amin    2016-10-22
18    object detection based robust appearance model in video using semantic features    M.Sc.    Sharifi, Ali    2017-05-20
19    Speech Emotion Recognition By Fusion of Fourier and MFCC features    M.Sc.    AL Dujaili, Mohammed    2017-12-02
20    Computer Aided Diagnosis on Imbalanced Data for Diabet type II    M.Sc.    shooshtari, alireza    2017-12-09
21    An Implementation of a Fast CU Size and Intra Mode Decision Algorithm in HEVC Standard    M.Sc.    parsaie, samaneh    2017-12-30
22    adaptive hyperspectral image denoising based on correntropy loss function optimization    M.Sc.    gholipour godarzi, mojtaba    2018-01-27
23    just noticeable distortion estimation using visual saliency    M.Sc.    nematy kh, faezeh    2018-03-03
24    Emotion recognition speed acceleration using speech and face features    M.Sc.    etemadi nia, mohsen    2018-03-03
25    Vehicle anomalous behavior detection from traffic surveillance video    M.Sc.    Taghizadeh, Reyhaneh    2018-03-03
26    a novel noise-robust texture classification method using joint multiscale LBP    M.Sc.    jalalianshahri, seyyedmohammadreza    2018-05-30